not able to get 10009 motor shields to work

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I have two of the 10009 motor shields and a couple of duemilanove's.  I have loaded the sample program that ramps the speed of the motors from [url=][/url].  I see the little LED's to the left and right of the motor connect block cycling through sweeps of increasing brightness, but I can't measure any change of voltage between either set of motor connection block pairs trying different motor shields and arduino pairings.  The jumpers are on default locations set to use on board Arduino supply and PWM control.  I bought these around a few months ago and am just trying them now.  Any thoughts on other checks to do?

[code]//Arduino PWM Speed Control?
int E1 = 5;
int M1 = 4;
int E2 = 6;                   
int M2 = 7;                     

void setup()
    pinMode(M1, OUTPUT); 
    pinMode(M2, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  int value;
  for(value = 0 ; value <= 255; value+=5)
    digitalWrite(M2, HIGH);     
    analogWrite(E1, value);  //PWM Speed Control
    analogWrite(E2, value);  //PWM Speed Control
2012-04-24 10:26:49 Great!

Happy Hacking!
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2012-04-24 03:12:54 Thanks for the reply Hector.  I found I had a bad wire. userHeadPic bj117
2012-04-23 16:44:13 Hi,

You might want to try supplying additional power for the motors. You will need to change the power jumpers and add a wire from the negative (-) terminal block to a GND pin on the shield. This will ensure that the Arduino is sharing the same ground as the power source.

If you are only supplying power to the Arduino from the USB port it is probably not enough juice to power your motors. Another option would be to supply external power to the Arduino from a DC converter(a wall wart) 9V and 1A to 1.5A should be enough.

userHeadPic Hector