DFRobot Leonardo + WiFiBee-MT7681 Wireless Programming

userHead mateusz.jasek322 2018-04-10 02:21:24 3782 Views2 Replies
Can I upload my code via wifi to Arduino Leonardo? The site says that wireless uploading is supported only on Uno and Mega boards. So it's possible to program the leonardo board?
2018-04-13 01:10:49 Okay. I've connected my DF leonardo(&xbee) with WiFiBee module to 5V/2A powerbank (
Its succesfully connected to my phone hotspot, like pc
I've downloaded Wireless Burntool, but there is no leonardo board. I've searched for tutorials, but I didnt found any working. There is screen while uploading blink sketch Any attempt to upload the program fails.
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2018-04-10 17:35:14 Because Leonardo has two serials Serial & Serial1, and USB port is connected to Serial, xbee socket is connected to Serial1, you need to make two serials to communicate to each other, then it should be good to wireless programming. userHeadPic robert.chen