DFRduino GPS Shield For Arduino > Active Antenna ?

userHead thierry 2012-05-10 02:56:47 4336 Views4 Replies

My question is: It's possible to connect a Active GPS Antenna ?
In the descriptif of card, it' annoted: "Antenna supervisor and supply"

For me, it must have two requirements for  "Antenna supply”
[u]1er requirement: [/u]
this module series is LEA-5A, LEA-5,  LEA-5T Or [b] LEA-5H[/b]  ([url=][/url])
It’s ok
[u]2nd requirement: [/u]
it takes a VCC (3.3V) in the pin 18 “VCC_REF” ?  but in your schema  “VCC-REF” is not connected.
this is correct?  Or  this is  possible by software command ?

2012-05-28 13:47:06 Hi Thierry,

I am Mexican, I thought because of the way you worded some part of your post you might speak Spanish, but French also makes sense :D

I'm glad you have the shield working for you.

Many places are starting to have their own Maker Faire. I hope France will have one soon. I think French people are very creative and a Maker Faire in France would be very interesting :)
userHeadPic Hector
2012-05-26 07:07:20 Thank Hector for the response . No Speak Espagnola (I am French). My friend speaks Spanish very well. why?

I bought the card. It works very well. I'm on NetDuino (3.3V) . Tested so far with uart.
this is a very good card (good choice of GPS)

"Maker Faire in San Francisco, California"  that's good. I do not pensse we have this kind of event in France.


userHeadPic thierry
2012-05-14 16:18:10 Hi Thierry,

Do you speak spanish?

Sorry for the late reply. We are very busy getting ready for Maker Faire in San Francisco, California.

To answer your question:

Pin 18 is disconnected. From looking at the schem for the GPS chip you could solder a resistor between Vcc_RF and V_ANT, but this would be under your own risk, and it is dangerous. You could permanently damage your GPS.

We will put in a small jumper to enable users to use an active antenna in the next revision of this shield
userHeadPic Hector
2012-05-12 03:53:01 up userHeadPic thierry