URM04 v2.0 + Mega Sensor Shield v 2.1

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Sorry for bad english, but i have some troubles with mega sensor shield v2.1 and urn04 v2.0 connection. I just dont know how to do it. Is it possible? I really need help!!!!
2012-06-20 13:51:00 I have made a connection diagram for Arduino using a MAX485 IC. This connection diagram is based on the IO Exapsion shield schematic.

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2012-06-20 11:12:43 Hi Kaitim,

I'm sorry about my last response. I was mistaken the SPI port is only to upload new firmware. This sensor only works by using RS-485 protocol.

So you can use our Arduino[url=] IO Expansion Shield[/url]. Or a MAX485 chip.

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2012-06-19 11:50:36 Hi Kaitim,

You should be able to connect it to the MEGA Using the SPI pins. I will make a connection diagram for you and post it soon.

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