SSC-32U & DFRobot Bluetooth Bee, bluetooth communication

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I have lynxmotion SSC-32U servo controller with DFRobot Bluetooth Bee (RB-Dfr-95). I am trying to find and communicate with SSC-32U through Bluetooth Bee, problem is my windows 10 computer doesn't find and recognize device, i am using bluetooth dongle ( ... 2016797396). Do i need different kind of dongle or where might the problem be..? SSC-32U is powered through USB and takes commands through USB.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
2018-11-06 01:09:08 I am finding windows 10 to be an issue here as it doesn't find and recognize bluetooth dongle. I am wondering if the problem is persisting due to Windows 10 or the device itself as I m thinking of switching to Windows 7 as someone recommended. Has anyone of you encountered the same issue with Windows 10?

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