DFRobot Wifi Shielf v2.1 Debugging

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When the DFRobot Wifi Shield v2.1 is in wifi/data mode the serial channel that the USB plug uses is used.

Is there any way to write to another serial port so that I can write debug comments out to that serial channel and have my computer display those?

I've got an Arduino Mega ADK board and from what I've read it has four serial channels. Would I need to get another serial to USB board that connects to one of the other three RX/TX serial channels?
My ADK Arduino board has a second USB channel that is supposed to work as a USB host, is that any way to use that USB port for debugging (meaning serial input/output)?

2012-07-03 17:54:24 Hi,

You would probably need something like an [url=]FTDI adapter[/url]. Use that with The Arduino MEGA's second Serial pins and you should be able to monitor what is going on.

You would need to use it like this:


depending on which serial port you choose. The MEGA has a total of 4 I believe.

So you will need to initialize it as well.

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