DFPlayer mini USB stick - How to use usb stick with player

userHead Account cancelled 2018-04-23 12:03:32 2424 Views1 Replies
I need to use USB stick with dfplayer, instead of a SD card. I do not want to push in any SD card because of commercial reasons. There is no instruction about the usage of USB stick with DFplayer.

I made connections with USB stick via USB+ and USB- pins. However, DFplayer does not initialize. I did not push in any SD card, as it is mentioned in tha manual; " it will take up to 3 seconds checking all output lines". Unfortunatelly I failed many times trying to initialize the player with usb connection to flash stick.

Can someone help me for obtaining a detailed instruction on USB stick usage with DFplayer mini.

Thanks in advance.
2020-10-05 17:57:01 I am also interested.
Any answer.
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