which IP address do i use?

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Im very new at this Arduino Wifi shield. I need help in the IP part. Which Ip address do i use? in windows when i type "ipconfig it shows ipv4, subnet and default gateway. Do i use these from the ipconfig? when i use it in putty, and i check my router, it does not detect a new device. So i assume that it has not connected even though the yellow lights come on. So what i'm wondering is, how do i obtain the IP, subnet, and Gateway? if i look for the values in my router, it displays different numbers -.- . I'm very very confused. And also, does it require static IP? if it does, how do i obtain it? sorry for asking so many questions, i am really stressed up with this Shield -.- . its so hard to use..... Your Help is very much appreciated !!
2012-08-21 09:45:10 Hi Desmond,

I'm don't know all of the AT commands by memory, it seems right, but you should double check the wiki and data sheet if you want to be 100% (that is what I would do). The last number for the wifi shield's IP address can be a random number, just make sure no other device in your network is using it...

As far as the DHCP goes, it depends on the behavior you want to achieve. If you don't care that the wifi shield changes IP address, then you can enable DHCP for it, if you need it to always be at the same address, then disable DHCP. If DHCP is disabled for the wifi sheild, then your router might not report it, as it might only report the "assigned" IP addresses. That depends on your router. But, in order to verify that it is connected, you just need to ping the assigned IP address from a command window (MS-DOS).

The channel thing shouldn't really affect your operation...

The datasheet provided with the wiki is pretty thorough. Everything is covered in the datasheet, and all info provided in the wiki comes from that datasheet.

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2012-08-20 22:17:00 Thanks you hector for replying!

Yes my router is
however as i know, the router will assign an IP for my wifi shield when connected am i right? so when i type
AT+ NSET =  ( Dont know what to use here),, , do i use any random number at the end ? for example  i cannot seem to get it to work. i should be able to see the Wifi shield connected to my router if everything is done right right =P ?

also, just incase can u help me check my AT commands? i want to make sure everything is correct

AT+NDHCP=1 [color=red](Do i put "1" or "0")[/color]
AT+NSET=  [color=red][b][/b][/color],,
AT+WAUTO=0,Desmonds WiFi,,0 [color=red]( does this value has to be "0"?) as i know it is through channel do i know what channel am i on?[/color]

regards Desmond
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2012-08-20 09:41:19 Thanks Ali,

A couple of things I didn't cover in the other post:

Your subnet and gateway are the same through out the network. So if in the IPConfig you get:

Subnet mask: -This is pretty much the default for all networks.
gateway: -This is standard in most routers, but yours could be different. No matter, just copy what your Ipconfig says.

You can set all of this through the AT commands, the minimum settings are covered in the wiki.
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2012-08-18 05:48:50 Hey,
There are many tutorials online  and on wiki regarding setting up Wifi Shield.
Check out this tutorial [url=][/url] and also in the comments you can read regarding the IP address.
Please read Hector's Post in that link.
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