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userHead olivier 2012-08-25 01:45:33 2564 Views3 Replies
I am using a Flyduino. When I try to upload a sketch with IDE 1.0 I get an error msg (sync error). With IDE 0022 no problem. Is it necessary to burn a new version of bootloader in the chip in order to use the latest environment ? Thanks for the help
2012-08-28 09:12:26 hehe, glad you got it working

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2012-08-27 19:00:02 Thanks for your answer. I did try with a "Hello World" type program, same problem occured each time.
I just did a try a few minutes ago to get the exact error msg , and mysteriously, it seems to be working fine now !!! So you can resolve problems by the only strength of your mind ! I am really impressed. ;)
Thanks again !
userHeadPic olivier
2012-08-27 10:38:26 Hi Olivier,

Could you give me the complete text from your error?

You might have some issues with the compatibility of your code, or a library.

There are some minor changes the new IDE makes, which makes it incompatible with the older IDE's sketches.

Have you tried uploading a simple sketch like the "blink" sample sketch?

If that one also fails, let me know.
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