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Hi everyone,

I am in trouble with my xboard. I found some differencies between the new one I recentrly bought and the old one I have. What is the voltage I must supply? Doas the board still work with the 3.3V lipo battery I found on the site. Everithing works in my setup except the network. The tx/rx led are blinking but I don't see ani packet via sniffers. Everiting start to works when the board is connected to tje PC using ftdi cable. Someone can explain me this?? Or making an educated guess??

Thank you
2011-11-17 11:15:24 The easiest way to tell if you got the new version is to check the crystals. You should have 1 crystal at 25.000 and the other at 16.000

If so, it is the new version, but it works at 3.3v and you should select the Arduino UNO board in the IDE.
You can also check where the FTDI programmer goes.  "GND","AREF","3v3" This means its 3.3v board, otherwise it would have a 5V marking on it.

If its the old version, one of the crystals will be 8.000

We have not started selling the 5v version, which will have a different SKU number.
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2011-11-17 01:01:28 Is there an easy way to determine if the xboard is 3.3V or 5V?  Is there a way to use the product number printed on the board or something?  I just purchased this board recently, so I am fairly certain it is 5v, but wanted to make sure.

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2011-11-04 11:36:07 Hi Lank81,

Have you gotten your board to work properly?

Could you send me a picture of the board you got? I want to verify which version it is, and make sure it is either 3.3v or 5v, there is now 3 versions of this board. 2 work off of 3.3v and another off of 5v.

I think the board you got still runs off of 3.3v, but the board has a higher 16Mhz crystal, and you need to select "arduino UNO" or "duemilanove 328", I'm not 100 positive on that, but try either of the 2 and see what results you get.

Please post back your results.

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2011-11-02 10:25:36 Andrea,

I think 6.6V would be too high. I am not 100% sure though. You can supply 5V safely to the new Xboard.

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2011-11-01 17:24:44 Thank you for the quick response. Thus I suppose that the 3.3V lipo battery should dont'work!! How about the built in charge circuit. Is it possible to deploy two series 3.3v??

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2011-11-01 09:52:27 Hi Andrea,

The new X-Board is using 5V, it was changed to 5V so it could be used with most standard sensors, and I2C protocol
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