help me cònfiguration WiFi Shield V2.2 For Arduino

userHead billnee 2012-09-30 18:26:25 3292 Views2 Replies
help me cònfiguration WiFi Shield V2.2 For Arduino , can u tutorial detail for me, the software alarm "AT commant error " .  do u have video tutorial config WiFi Shield V2.2 For Arduino????
2012-10-16 12:13:48 Hi Billnee,

Have you tried using the alternative method of configuring through a serial console with AT commands. IT is much more stable than the wizard, which does not work in Win7.

userHeadPic Hector
2012-10-03 04:41:16 Hi,

I'm using wifi shield v2.2. with UNO R3. I get stuck right at first step. Please help. Thanks a lot!

1. I set the switches to "USB" and "RUN"

2. Open WizSmartScript

3. Select COM port and Baud rate

4. Click on wizard

5. Click on Find WizFi and Set Command Mode

Here it just can't find WizFi and report "AT Command Error"

In the console, feedback is like this:


Do you have any idea what's the problem?
userHeadPic billnee