Serial interface on the Romeo with the BT module

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Hello guys and gals.

I've successfully setup a Romeo v1.1 board as the controller of motorized slider that I own.

It's working perfectly fine, and I can control the DC motor trough the Romeo with an android app that I've designed, and wirelessly (Bluetooth).

I've used the Bluetooth v3 module on the appropriate port of the Romeo, and everything works like a charm.

Now... Next phase would be to control a motorized panoramic head which has it's own controller and accepts the instructions trough a serial port.

The Romeo would just be fine to do this, unless my serial port is already hooked to the Bluetooth module.

I've been searching the forum, and the web, with no success about some info on the number of hardware ports available on the Romeo...

Any info there?

There is two digital pins on the board labeled Rx/Tx...

Should I go soft serial?

Much appreciate your help.

2013-01-16 16:07:02 Of course, you may.

I have successfully managed to control the panoramic head through soft serial. Works flawlessly.
I now can control the slider and the panoramic head synchronously.

From the hardware point of view, it's done... I am now deeply into the software phase (arduino and android).

Great potential, lots of ideas.

I'll soon post some pictures and videos.

userHeadPic MakoShark2
2013-01-15 15:23:44 Could I post your application to the RoMeo product page? I do like this idea!  ;D userHeadPic Lauren
2013-01-14 17:28:42 Thanks Laureen.

Well, I actually need only one port to control the panoramic head, problem is, I have the BT module hooked which seems to interface with the Romeo through the only hardware serial port available.

I guess I would prefer to use the hardware serial, but OK, soft will be do just fine.

Yes I'm a time lapse photographer...
This is an upgrade to my time lapse rig which used to be controller with buttons and knobs, lot of improvement there. :)

Lovely piece of hardware this Romeo, everything I need, plus still have an additional motor power control

userHeadPic MakoShark2
2013-01-14 13:33:16 =-= It just one serial port on the Romeo v1.1. =. =!
How many ports you think is good enough for your application?

PS: Wow, this is a demo of remote controlling system for time-lapse photography, is it?  :o
userHeadPic Lauren
2013-01-12 08:36:10 Yes of course, here's a video of a early stage:


I now have an appropriate enclosure.

OK, so soft serial should be fine.

But, any info about the total number of hardware ports on this board?

userHeadPic MakoShark2
2013-01-11 17:17:05 Your project sounds good. Is there any video about it to share with us?

Sure, the Romeo v1.1 support the software serial port also. You could use two digital pins to simulate the serial. Here's the libraries and the related reference.


userHeadPic Lauren