userHead Account cancelled 2018-05-16 06:03:35 2483 Views1 Replies
I recently got lots of DFROBOT Capacitive soil moisture sensor v1.0 and I want to use them for my project. My project is on optimizing irrigation so I need to accurately monitor moisture content.
But from my small lab studies, I got some weird results which I am not sure what the problem is. During calibration, I got a raw value of 515 (when exposed to the air) and 248 (when in water). But I was shocked when I wetted the soil, I get raw value of 238, when I further wet the soil to form a pasty solution, I got 232 and further wetting gave me 230.
This does not seem right. Please, can you help me with what to do to correct this anomaly? Please, i need this for my project to work. Please reply. suggestions are welcome
2018-05-17 11:37:16 Did you make sure the depth and the place are the same in the different test, because these factors are also affect the results. userHeadPic robert.chen