Question about DFRobot mega2560 V2.0 and Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1

userHead Piero78 2013-02-16 04:37:44 2961 Views3 Replies
Hi! My question is: if I connect a Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1 on a DFRobot mega2560 V2.0, can I connect servo motors DIRECTLY on the Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1 and use the servo.h library to move them?
2013-02-20 06:10:28 Thanks!

Another important question, at this time the Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1 is out of stock. When will be possible to order it? Thanks.
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2013-02-19 18:55:33 Hi Piero78:

The answer is YES.  Just be aware the current limits.  And the Shield V2.1 is also support external power supply for the servo.  However, when you apply more than 5V servo voltage, the sensor on the same pin may be damaged if their working voltage is over 5V.

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2013-02-19 15:53:15 Can you respond to my question please? Thanks. userHeadPic Piero78