50A Current Sensor(SKU:SEN0098) sensor connection

userHead Account cancelled 2013-03-01 12:54:28 2744 Views1 Replies
Hi, I having some problem in soldering the wires correctly for this sensor to be detected with the arduino. Could someone please show me a picture/wiki of how i am suppose to solder the dfrobot and ground wires to it (the wiki provided is insufficient)?

I am connecting the wires to a 230V ac power supply and the readings are wrong compared to my dc readings.

Any help would greatly appreciated!
2013-03-01 18:02:23 Hi, I also have met such kind of problem and I do not know how to connect an AC power supply to the 50A Current Sensor. I think it is not very safe to connect an AC power supply directly to the sensor, so may I ask you how you use your 230V AC power supply. Also, I guess the test result of AC and DC will be different but this assumption can only be test when I know how to connect the AC power supply. ;)
It's grateful for your help!
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