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HI all, I have a bluetooth bee shield on my arduino 2560 and i tried to connect to my pc, with x-ctu,via a level one bluetooth adapter but it fails make connection with the x-ctu although i managed to establish a connection with the shield and the adapter. Is there anybody knows why is this happens?? Is this happens because my BT shield is V2.0 and the adapter is V1.2?
2013-03-18 11:18:46 Hi

The bluetooth shield is not from DFRboot , maybe i can't solve your problem completely?because I don't know about this shield. I am sorry :-[
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2013-03-15 19:03:59 Thanks for the quick reply, My bluetooth dongle is a Level One MDU-000USB.I haven't set it to AT mode, i have it to regular use mode 9600 baut rate, cause from the factory it's supposed to be ready for use...Do i really have to configure parameters before i can use it??It supposed to be plug and play.Also if it really needs to be configured before use, can i do it on arduino 2560 without an Xbee USB adapter ??
Plz let me know, what other informations would you like to sent you??

this is my BT shield [url=][/url]
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2013-03-15 10:40:28 Hi

Which adapter you do you use? The adapter from dfrobot (SKU:DFR0050)? If is, they should be  compatible.
Please check weather the small switch is on the side of "AT Mode" when you use AT mode to set the baud rate.
Maybe you can give more details?

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