Too much text sent in SMS with GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield v3

userHead alnath 2013-04-28 05:28:10 2470 Views1 Replies
Hello :)

After several tries, I finally succeeded in sending a SMS with the new shield described here : [url=][/url]

The sms is sent OK, but it contains everything that I wrote before the SMS text, including the pin code etc... that means that my correspondant (me, actually, with a mobile and another SIM) receives everything that was in the coolterm window ! What can I do to send only the text I want to send ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

I used the 1st sketch of the page, quoted here, and coolterm to send At commands :

// Product name: GPS/GPRS/GSM Module V3.0
// # Product SKU : TEL0051
// # Version    : 0.1

// # Description:
// # The sketch for driving the gsm mode via the USB interface

// # Steps:
// #        1. Turn the S1 switch to the Prog(right side)
// #        2. Turn the S2 switch to the USB side(left side)
// #        3. Take off the GSM/GPS jumper caps from the Uart select
// #        4. Upload the sketch to the Arduino board(Make sure turn off other Serial monitor )
// #        5. Turn the S1 switch to the comm(left side)   
// #        7. RST the board

// #        wiki link-

void setup()
  //Init the driver pins for GSM function
  //Output GSM Timing
void loop()
    digitalWrite(3,HIGH);//disable GSM TX?RX
    digitalWrite(4,HIGH);//disable GPS TX?RX

2013-04-29 00:08:22 OK, never mind, when I use the same AT commands in a sketch, everything works well, the sms is OK userHeadPic alnath