Arduino MIDI shield problem

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I am currently using the DFRobot MIDI shield on an Arduino Uno for a school project.  Currently, I am just getting the example code to work found here: ... DFR0157%29

Currently, the only thing changed in the code are lines 123-125 as BYTE is now outdated.
Changed portion:

  Serial.write( byte(cmd) );
  Serial.write( byte(data1) );
  Serial.write( byte(data2) );

I am connecting a standard Keyboard(piano) to the MIDI_IN of the shield.  From the looks of the code, with MIDI input, it should print the cmd (mostly filled with NoteOn and NoteOff commands), as well as the 2 data numbers.  Right now, once I switch the shield over to RUN (instead of PROG) and reset, it I get giberish.  I am almost for certain this is because of the Baud Rate.  I am on Windows 7, I cannot change the baud rate of the serial monitor to anything close to 31250 (MIDI baud rate). 

My question is, does anyone know of a way, in arduino, to add more baud rates to the serial monitor.  I don't really want to use 3rd party software although I may need too.  I do have a linux box so if there is a way to do it on linux that would be okay too.(although I would prefer windows as all of my material is already on the windows machine).

2013-03-20 13:25:16 For my own experience, I don't know the way to add an option in the serial monitor for adding the 31250 bps. In general, I use the access port to help with the setting for the MIDI things or some custom baud rate devices. =.

But considering that the Arduino IDE is open source. So it's should be available to add this feature based on the source code of the Arduino IDE.  :D

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