TMC260 Stepper Motor Driver Shield (DRI0035) on an Arduino Mega

userHead Account cancelled 2018-05-25 01:07:53 4487 Views1 Replies

I have never used an Arduino before and have *no* previous experience in building robots etc.
I have had some experience in programming and can (usually) follow/understand simple wiring diagrams and schematics.

I want to build a project utilising a stepper motor which can move a frame backwards and forwards in tiny, precise increments.
For my idea, I had thought to use an Arduino, a screen (lcd or tft) for information display, some limit switches and some sort of input device for menu selection/activation (I had thought a Nintendo DS touch screen with some sort of printed template to show virtual buttons/sliders)

Looking at the I/O on the UNO, It may be that I will need to go up to a Mega to support everything I want.
Can the TMC260 be used on the mega and if so, how?


2018-05-30 14:21:55 TMC260 is compatible with most Arduino boards, since you just started to use Arduino, you can learn how to use the sensors, steppers and LCD screens one by one, then you can put all together to realize your project. userHeadPic robert.chen