DFRobot Relay Shield v2.1

userHead bacherak 2013-08-16 08:31:56 3987 Views4 Replies
I recently bought 2 Relay Shields (v2.1) since it has servo pins and xbee also. My interest is to have two arduino mega 2560 to communicate using xbee. I am looking for sample code to enable this communication.
I am also looking for sample code to control the servo motors. Kindly Help.
2013-08-22 15:18:56 Hi bacherak

Sorry for forgetting attach the sample code. The sample code attached is for xbee communication between 2 arduinos via UART.

Also you can refer to the information in this link.
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2013-08-21 22:48:01 Any information on how to configure the XBEE component on the DF Relay Shield..
Please guys.. help us
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2013-08-16 19:56:27 Phoebe
Thanks for the response.
Where is the sample code for xbee communication between 2 arduinos ?
I have connected the Relay to a Mega 2560.
I also moved the jumpers as suggested in your wiki
Then I connected the Mega (with the Relay stacked on top) to the computer.
When I opened XCTU software, I can see the Arduino Mega but when I try to read the xbee, It cannot find the xbee.
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2013-08-16 10:10:32 Hi bacherak

I have a sample code of Xbee communication between two Arduino. You can try it, please pay attention to the baud rate of the xbee.
Secondly, you can find the sample code to control the servo in Arduino-> File-> Examples-> Servo-> Sweep  ;)

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