Problem with RS485 sensor node

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Good afternoon my friends i need your advises. i have a rs485 sensor node v1.0 connected with my arduino uno and my sensor shtx1 but doesn´t work because i dont know how to connect my arduino to my rs485 sensor.
i connect pin 0 and pin 1 at my a and b but i dont know where conect my pin 2 (arduino) please help.

And sorry for my english i am student =)

2013-11-27 12:01:45 thank you! look i need to know the temperature and humidity (SHT1x) but my sensor is located 25mts far the arduino and looking in the internet found a modbus master library with a max485 and a little diagram and i hope to work. today i want to do a test and tomorrow tell us

Best regards!!

(sorry by my english i am mexican student ) ;)
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2013-11-27 10:46:02 What about RS485 shield?

alternatively for testing you can use a USB to RS485 as well:

The expansion shield as in the diagram is no longer available, The version V7 was released and the RS485 support for this board is discontinued,  so best to try with the shield or the USB to RS485.

What are you trying to do with the sensor node?
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2013-11-27 01:25:37 Thank you but i see the i/o expansion shield is unavailable there is a possible solution isn´t?? some diagram please help me!! userHeadPic FernandoHT
2013-11-26 10:52:51 Hello FernandoHT,
As the RX and TX is serial communication interface. It doesn't support rs485 communication procotol.
So you need an IO expansion shield with RS485 like the picture

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