search for other library for i2c-eeprom

userHead df0021 2013-12-08 09:20:33 1673 Views0 Replies
I try to write/read using an i2c-eeprom.
A library did I found in the dfrobot Wiki.
But I can't read from the i2c eeprom because the program runs only until the instruction
is reached.
The sda / scl lines are ok, because there are other working parts (lcd) on the same line.
It was supposed in an other forum, it could be a wrong ack-polling at the end of the sequence.

I did search in wire.h , wire.cpp, twi.c and espacially in twi.c. I think, I had to change some things in twi.c.
It would be a hard work, therefore my question: Is there an other library for the connection of the i2c eeprom (AT24C256) to an Arduino)? Or has someone had the same problem?