Newbie with GPS\GSM Shield v3

userHead sbk 2014-04-19 10:01:59 2120 Views2 Replies
Good afternoon, acquired Arduino Mega 2560 and GPS / GPRS / GSM V3.
Hooked up , everything fell into their pins , connected USB, power lamp lit on the Shield , flashed on, the AT command responded OK.

But I can not do anything in fact, no run normally GPS or GSM.
Additional power I have not connected, now i have USB and power supply 5v, as I understand ,even for a minimal work module is a little ...
One once I got to get the coordinates of GPS ( found 10 satellites ) , stood near the window on the 14th floor , in the room was no signal... Now do not adequately respond to the ... This is also the case in the additional power or is it weak antenna?

Please tell me the whole thing supplementary feeding or maybe that is not working Shield ?

I am newbie)
2014-04-21 11:44:35 Hello SBK,

Sorry for the late reply.

After you have uploaded the driver sketch, what is the state of the indicator led, is NET led flashing?

The GSM module need a external power supply,

And how did you set the switch?

Could you attach a switch position picture about it?
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2014-04-20 00:51:36 add external power 12v 750ma, shield have not any reaction to AT. please help userHeadPic sbk