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i would like to use this sensor. I have it already at my desk.
No im aksing myself if there would be a problem with electrochemical corrosion?
Should i power the Sensor only all few seconds, wait a little until the value has sattled, or just put the sensor to Vcc continiously?

Did somebody has experience with that?
2014-05-04 12:21:29 Yeah, reversing polarity will reduce corrosion.
But they are the polarity of the probe, not the sensor.
The internal circuit has been settled down. it can't been change.
So to change the "+" and "-" won't affect the corrosion, or maybe it will damage the sensor.
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2014-05-02 18:16:35 I want to reverse the polarity to the sensor after reading it at the correct polarity. Will this affect the sensor?

I want to do this as I have read that the problem with these sensors is corrosion. Reversing polarity might reduce corrosion.

I have set it up with both +ve and -ve connected to a digital output. To read I set the polarity correctly for 1 millesec.
Then I plan to reverse the polarity for 1 millesec. (After this I put arduino to sleep to save power until next read so the sensor is normally off.)

Does reversal of polarity damage the sensor?
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2013-05-27 15:11:26 Hi cheng,

Try the wiki,

I've read quite a few people saying the results are quite good. Electrochemical corrosion would be quite normal, its basically what it does, right? However due to its qualities(gold plated), the results are pretty good compared with other options on the market.

As far as I know, depending on the corrosion degree you would just need to do a little maintenance once in a while, cleaning it up and put it back in place. So the readings are not altered. If you are planning to do some testing, I'm looking forward to hear your results.

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