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Just wondering... The source code for CC2540 (BLE Firmware) isn't open sourced / provided right? Only the binary is provided.
2014-05-04 17:01:31 Yeah, it doesn't support SPP now,
SPP profile is for Bluetooth 2.0, and HID is for BLE 4.0
CC2540 is not support SPP now  Actually we also want to make it support two modes. But it still needs official support.
Generally, we will use a BLE-LINk as a data receiver. It is the fast and easy way now.
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2014-05-04 06:36:44 Grey,
could you please confirm that BLE-Link 1.6 firmware supports only HID profile, and does not support Serial Port Profile? Any plans to add direct serial support in the future?
Thank you,
-- Sergei
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2014-04-21 11:20:53 Yeah, for the compatibility issue, we don't open the firmware resource now. userHeadPic Grey.CC