Connect Wireless Sensor to mysql data base using Arduino Yun

userHead natepulkar83 2018-06-06 15:51:20 3887 Views2 Replies
Hey I am trying to connect Wireless Sensor with internet cloud using Arduino Yun, As per searching the documentation I am able to monitor the reading while using a pair of zigbee (1 as router and 1 as coordinator)
But I wanted to store the reading in Mysql database but I am not aware of how to do it.

Please suggest how can it be possible as I am new in this, Will be very helpful
2018-06-08 16:13:15 Hey I have already been posted question there but no reply from anyone but I was thinking if you have any example or knowledge about this or if any product is working as per cloud computing on any platform might be greater help for me to understand and try out of my own also because I have just started new in IOT area. userHeadPic natepulkar83
2018-06-07 11:23:21 If I under stand it right, you can receive the data wirelessly from the sensor to YUN, right? But you don't know how to use YUN to uploading to Mysql? Sorry I did't met this kind of question before, have you seek any answer in Arduino YUN community or Mysql forum? there might have some information about it. userHeadPic robert.chen