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Connect PC to Bluno using another Bluno

userHead kenneth22 2014-10-01 05:04:17 2586 Views1 Replies
What i wanted to do is to

Connect a Bluno in Central Role to the PC using USB so it could connect to other bluno in Peripheral role,

I can the Peripheral Bluno to Connect to send data to the PC through the central role bluno

1) how to i program to ask the CENTAL ROle to connect the the perifpheral automatically if cannot be done how to connect to each one

2) how do i recieve the data of the peripheral through the cental role Bluno

lastly how do i correctly configire the bluno device to achieve this ?
2014-10-08 10:28:23 Hi Kenneth,
Sorry for the late reply.
If you have only one peripheral device, you could bind the MAC address on the Central one. It will connect automatically. If you have two or more, setting the connection mode to anyone will be better.
And the data communication is just like serial communication, if you use Serial port to print something, it will be sent to Bluetooth side too.
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