SPI LCD Module

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I am finding the details a bit difficult on how the wiring up is done. The doc says:
LCD Arduino
PIN1 = GND --> Wheres Pin1, is this D1 ??
PIN2 = 5V
RS(CS) = 8;
RW(SID)= 9;
EN(CLK) = 3; --> wheres this one, is this E ??
PIN15 PSB = GND; --> wheres Pin15 ??

Also: To switch to SPI mode, the R9 resistor need to be moved to R10 --> where is this resistor that needs to be moved ??

Do you have a simple pic of the wiring for this?
2014-10-26 23:38:23 hi,
May I ask it the LCD backpack like link below compatible with GPS/GSM/GPRS V3.0 shield?

thanks for fast rely.


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2011-07-08 16:16:19 Hi Sellenger,

There is two ways you can plugin this LCD module. I will assume you are using a standard Arduino for this. I recommend using the SPI header since it uses less cables.

Here is the breakdown from our sample code on our Wiki page:

LCD  Arduino
PIN1 = GND //Connect GND on the LCD to GND on the Arduino
PIN2 = 5V //Connect Vcc on the LCD to 5V on the arduino
RS(CS) = 8; //Connect CS on the LCD to pin 8 on the Arduino
RW(SID)= 9; //Connect SID on the LCD to pin 9 on the Arduino
EN(CLK) = 3; //Connect SCK on the LCD to digital pin 3 on the arduino
PIN15 PSB = GND;//You can ignore this one.

You can load the second sample code from the Wiki to your arduino to test if everything is working.

Also, please make sure the switch marked "psb_on" is set to SPI.



[url=]ATMEGA 168 pin definition[/url]. Very similar to ATMEGA 328

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2011-07-08 12:26:55 oh sorry its a  SPI LCD Module (Arduino Compatible) DFR0091 userHeadPic sellenger
2011-07-07 17:06:54 Hi Sellenger,

We have a few different LCD modules. Could you please tell me which model you purchased?

userHeadPic Hector