Wido + 5v external power + USB?

userHead Account cancelled 2014-12-14 06:44:48 1507 Views1 Replies
I have a WiDo board that is running an external LED matrix. The LED matrix consumes a fair amount of current, so it is powered by a 5v external power supply.

I'm also powering the WiDo from the supply, by running it into the +5v rail (via one of the prototyping shields).
As I understand it, that

My concern is: is this safe to plug into USB while this external +5v supply is attached? I'm worried about complications from the USB power, because they are both nominally 5V.

I don't want to burn out the board or my USB port!
2014-12-15 22:47:19 Hello Apullin,

It is OK to power matrix from an external power. But it is better to share GND together.
If you do not rest assured, you could take a simple photo about your connect before you give it a power. I could check it.
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