Turbidity meter no output

userHead krt72012 2018-06-20 07:14:59 2058 Views2 Replies
I'm trying to use the turbidity meter but there is no output on the signal wire. I'm providing 5v to the board and testing the signal wire with a multimeter as well as an Arduino. It's stuck at 0v, sometimes hovering around 0.03v. Please help!
2018-06-21 02:02:19 Yes. There is essentially no signal coming from the signal wire (blue), when read from an arduino or multimeter, no matter what solution/turbidity of water I try. userHeadPic krt72012
2018-06-20 15:37:12 Do you mean what ever kind of solution even very dirty water the turbidity is also 0? userHeadPic robert.chen