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How to Accomplish the Mutual Communication Between Bluno and Blynk

DFRobot Oct 28 2019 582

According to the inquires, we have made an application to accomplish the mutual communication between Bluno and Blynk.

1.Control onboard indicator LED by Blynk.


Download allocation file in Arduino of Blynk https://docs.blynk.cc/#downloads-blynk-library

Then download the Blynk_Release_v0.6.1.zip directly.

Then unzip the file, we can find 2 files: libraries and tools.

Copy 4 files into libraries of Arduino.

Same as, copy 3 files in the tools to the tools of Arduino.

Here we accomplished allocation of blynk in Arduino.

Step2: (Step2 and Step3 should be carried out at the same time)

Open Arduino and select example code:

Examples  >> Blynk >> Boards_Bluetooth >> DFRobot_Bluno_BLE_Link

The example key is from Copy all in smartphone APP (It can only be obtained by establishing a new project in phone).

Write the key to the example and select UNO board (this test uses the board bluno), select the port number and edit.


Operate the APP

1.Create a New Project. Fulfil the program as Blynk, select Arduino UNO and BLE then click Create.

2.Choose Device Button and BLE.

3.Set Button Digital >> D13

4.Open Bluetooth in phone.

5.Set Bluetooth as Connect BLE device >> bluno >> OK and wait for successful connection.

6.Run the program, when we repeat click D13, L led will flash in bluno board.

2. Bluno can send sensor data to Blynk, and Blynk can show data by character or painting via controls.


Based on the 1 task, we just need to add the other device Value Display and set the Analog >> A0


Add an analog degree sensor to bluno


Programming the program, active blynk in app, rotate the analog degree sensor and we can check the value in respond (range from 0~1023)