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DIY a quadcopter based on the MultiWii

DFRobot Apr 15 2013 735

I’d like to show you how to DIY a quadcopter based on the MultiWii. Please enjoy it~

Actually?I am a senior university student , so I plan to make a Quadcopter Mod as a graduation project of this topic. I plan to buy some things on the internet and make a perfect mod all by myself. In my plan?there is  

three steps:

  1. Arduino Pro Mini  + Sensors connection.
  2. Assemble the Mod +connect the receiver
  3. Adjust PID parameter + flight-test


Requirements of the mod:

1. Download & Install the newest Arduino IDE

Download Address

2.  Download  GUI&Source Code
Now, you can see 3 files:

Download Address

You have to download the code from the first file to your pro mini 328p.
GUI is in the second file. Enter the application windows32.you can see the pic below.

Because of the compatibility?GUI is written in JAVA. We need JAVA. You also can run it on Mac and Linux.
Download Address

3. Arduino Pro Mini  + Sensors connection.
It is very simple .you can do as the picture shows us below. Communicate Arduino Pro Mini with sensors by I2C which just needs 4 wires, much more comfortable and desirable. IMU needed has 4 different i2c addresses to be managed. You can choose the IMU type in the MWC code config.h.

VCC - Arduino VCC
SCL  - Arduino A5
SDA - Arduino A4
GND- Arduino GND
Here is a picture of my Sensors:

4. Set the  Source Code & Debug with GUI
Open arduino1.01?open the file Multiwii in MultiWii?
You can download my code at

Now, we only should change the necessary code in the config.h .
config.h is a configuration header file?we can configure some parameters?contains:

After you select the mod type?just delete the // ??

There are some kinds of IMU board’s types,

if you don’t have any one?you can use the independent sensors?and you should ensure your sensors orientation.

Also, you can change every sensor’s i2c address in the file Sensors.

search the sensor in the file Sensors.

With all things done?choose the MCU type?and COM number.

Then we can open the GUI. Open the MultiwiiConf ?java needed?

Choose COM3 .Then click the button start then you can see the sensors' dates and the PID parameters .

Congratulation! We have done it. Now you can roll you sensors board?you can know its orientation through the compass?and pitch attitude roll attitude on the picture.