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The Autonomous Cat Feeder

DFRobot Apr 21 2015 365
With rise of do-it-yourself engineering the urge to outsource boring and repetitive tasks to machines is ever increasing. And that’s exactly what Luis Guajardo Diaz did when he created his autonomous cat feeder.

Luis chose a cereal dispenser to work with which had the ability to eject pieces of food with a turning mechanism. A laser cut enclosure was designed to turn the mechanism electronically using an Arduino Uno.


"My cat is now fed every 4 hours and the feeding instruction can be overriden by a serial command sent with an xbee, a BLE module, or a ESP2866 module."

Last year the ESP2866 module was released and brought with it wifi capabilities at the very low price of $5. Previously in Chinese the datasheets have now been translated into English by the community and an SDK following that.