The Mirror Problem with Nano I/O Shield for Arduino Nano 3.0

userHead Grey.CC 2014-09-01 16:27:55 2913 Views0 Replies

I found many guys have the doubts about Nano shield. 
Me too.
Especially with Arduino Nano 3.0. And product page doesn't say it clearly. So after some time research, I found that analog pins order on Arduino Nano 3.0 is different to Arduino Nano 2.x.

Arduino Nano 2.x

Arduino Nano 3.0

It looks like the official Arduino Nano has a different layout with 2.x and 3.0.
This is why I make a mistake connection with I2C interface and analog pin. >:(

And I also checked DFRobot Nano 3.0

DFduino Nano 3.0

It looks that DFRobot has redesigned the board, and make it be compatible with other device like I/O shield.
It is very convenient! 8)

As Nano 4.0 is using Atmel32u4, Leonardo is different to others so just leave it alone, but you also you check it. it is different, if you plug this on the shield, please pay attention with Analog pins.

Nano 4.0

At last, let us talking about Bluno Nano.

Bluno Nano

You will find Bluno Nano is using the same layout with Nano 3.0 & 2.x. It will be compatible with all Nano related product.