OBD kit keeps reconnecting

userHead Khaos 2014-04-08 04:45:34 4449 Views2 Replies
Hi there,
I have kit #2 and #3.
I am connecting the units to a 2001 Subaru STI (JDM) model.
I have the megalogger sketch as a base and have edited the code to include certain SSM protocol PID's. Even if I comment out the entire custom section of the code, the unit still keeps reconnecting.

The units start up, goes to the data screen, then just reconnects.
I figured that the reconnect function is called when errors >= 3, so I changed this to 300 just to see what happens. I am not sure what errors this refers to.

the unit then goes to the data screen, but nothing is being read from the ECU
I previously had the unit operating, pulling data from the ECU (like rpm, etc...) but now nothing is happening.

All I edited was the SSM section I added, but as said, even when editing this out, still the same action.

I2C connector.

Any ideas as to what is causing this!
I reloaded the original megalogger sketch too - no edits. and it does exactly the same thing - however, for a split second I can see 2 values pulling through, but then it reconnects / reboots.

2014-04-21 02:14:05 interesting finding:

I plugged it into a Subaru Outback 2007 and I get data pulling through.

When I plugged it into a 2001 Subaru Impreza STI - absolutely nothing.

the only difference I can see between the 2, is that the Impreza is a 16bit ECU and the Outback is 32bit

does this matter???

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2014-04-09 14:39:02 Stanley??? any response or ideas? userHeadPic Khaos