Gravity: I2C DS1307 RTC Module - Trigger interrupt to wake up arduino from sleep mode

userHead Account cancelled 2018-09-07 13:05:16 2384 Views1 Replies
I would like to trigger an interrupt using the SQ pin on the Gravity: I2C DS1307 RTC Module. Can this be done using this module and if so which library is required? I haven't been able to make it work using the DS1307 library.

If this cannot be done with this module can you recommend one that can?

Many thanks
2018-09-12 11:31:32 Hi.
Accroding your description of your questions. I think you can using I2C SD2405 RTC Module SKU: DFR0469 implement trigger interupt to wake up arduino from sleep mode.
Hope help you.
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