Re: Evaluation of LattePanda Alpha (864)

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We are very curious to see what the LattePanda will be employed for this time. There are so many suggested uses from connecting SSD’s to 4GLTE modules to the M.2 slots to even rigging it up for mining. Each idea gives us a chance to test out the device for that certain scenario and to ensure that we can help those users to maximize their project by providing quality support with drivers and specifications that are needed. Not only that, but accessories we design and engineer benefit from optimization with all user-scenarios in mind. For this reason, we are going to open a discussion here for you all to tell us what you have in mind for your LattePanda. We might try it out ourselves to see if it can be mass-implemented! This can literally be anything and we encourage the wildest ideas because those are our favorites! Stretch those specs, push the boundaries and let your imagination flow! ...and also let us know :)
2022-02-01 00:07:08 Reader userHeadPic anonymous
2020-05-26 00:34:21 Hello...i am going to use ot for my DIY project and i found interesting that for connectivity, it supports WiFi, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet. And for display options, it offers HDMI as well as DisplayPort over USB-C. Its two 50-pin GPIO connectors allow for I2C, I2S, RS232, UART, and for providing access to the computer’s dfrobot-processor, which is the Arduino Leonardo. userHeadPic rochmesa