LattePanda is high-performance, pocket-sized x86 single-board computers with low power consumption that runs full Windows 10/11 or Linux operating system. It is widely used in edge computing, vending, advertising machine, industrial automation, etc. Whether you're a Windows developer, Internet of Things developer, system integrator, or solution provider, LattePanda is your powerful development board that can accelerate your production rate.

By now, The 3rd generations of LattePanda have been released. The latest LattePanda 3 Delta features 2x faster CPU and 3x faster GPU than its previous gen (LattePanda 2 Delta). LattePanda 2 Alpha has the ultimate performance, while LattePanda 2 Delta has a perfect balance of design, performance, and price. LattePanda V1 is a good choice for industrial customers, given its maturity and stability. We also offer various accessories such as displays, cooling fans, cases, and more.