Quick beginner question

userHead Account cancelled 2018-11-19 09:44:42 2255 Views1 Replies
Hello all!

First off, new to the site and to robotics in general, but I sincerely look forward to joining this community and creating some neat contraptions. I have a couple quick questions that will probably seem a bit elementary, so please excuse my naivety.

I'm ideally looking for a dual-shaft DC motor, with an rpm >200 and stall torque >10 kg-cm. This motor ( would be perfect, except for the encoder and that it's single-shaft. So my questions are:

1) can a motor be made dual-shaft without severely compromising it's operational limits?
2) can the encoder on this type of motor be removed and still function properly (just + and -)
2a) can this motor be purchased w/o the encoder for a reduced price?

Thanks in advance!
2018-12-20 17:42:22 For the motor that with dual-shaft, it is possible to make, but it need to be customized. userHeadPic robert.chen