Newbie - need help with Motor Driver

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i bought a 1amp motor sheild for arduino and a miniQ robot chasis to make a 2wd robot.  i have a netduino.  i've put the parts together, but i can't get power to the wheels. 

1) do i have to use external power to turn the wheels?  or can i use the power supplied to the netduino?
2) if i have to attach extra power, do i just solder to GND and VIN on the motor sheild pwr in? 
3) will attaching a 9v battery connector be sufficient?

thanks! tom
2012-06-19 11:49:59 Hi Tom,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

How are you providing power now?

If you are only providing power to the Netduino now, what are you using? I would recommend to use an external power supply like a DC wall adapter to provide about 7-9Vdc to test, if you can get movement like this then you know its a power issue. Sometimes USB cables will not provide enough power.

If you solder 2 pins to the PWR IN section, this would provide power to the motors AND the Netduino.
Be very careful not to connect the Netduino to the USB while the battery is connected to the shield.

You can see the schematic for the shield:[url=] Here[/url]

The 9V batter will provide enough power, but I'm afraid it wouldn't last very long. If you want a long lasting battery, I recommend a LiPo battery like the one we sell.

[url=]7.4Vdc LiPo Battery[/url]

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