Can I power the servo with 7,2V?

userHead The Crusher 2012-06-19 15:37:24 4756 Views2 Replies

I got this servo: [url=][/url] and where woundering if I could power it with a battery on 7.2V. In the specs it says 4,8-6V, so will it die on 7,2, or does it work?
2012-06-19 18:59:28 Hector,

Ok. I found a voltage regulator, 7805, so now it gets 5V.
userHeadPic The Crusher
2012-06-19 16:52:53 Crusher,

I would not exceed the stated max. If it does eventually damage it will not qualify for replacement.

How will you be supplying the voltage? If you are using a servo controller with a voltage regulator then it should be fine, because the servo controller will regulate the voltage down to an acceptable voltage.

So if you supply 7.2V to an Arduino and then hook up your servo to the Arduino it should be fine.

IF however, you use a shield which allows you to supply external voltage directly to the Servo, then it could damage the servo.
userHeadPic Hector