Rubber Wheel 136×24mm

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I love these wheels, but I'd like to be able to mount them to something other than a 5mm shaft.  If you would produce a wider variety of hubs, I bet you could sell many more of these wheels.  Gear motors with 5mm shafts are hard to come by outside of your site and you're out of stock.  Any suggestions on how to mount these to a 6mm shaft? 
2015-02-12 10:26:26 hi,
thanks for your reply for suggestion! :)

if you have something like 3D-printer or anything else which could make plastic model, you may make a connector/adapter of 5-6mm. if not, heat a 6mm diameter metal, insert the wheel hole, draw out and instantly put the wheel on the 6mm shaft. and it will stick on it forever i guess.

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