SEN0114 Moisture Sensor compatibility with PIC16F877A

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This is my first time writing in a forum and I dont know gow everything works here ... anyhow I bought the SEN0114 Moisture sensor and im having some troubles interfacing it with my PIC16F877A ... im new to the microcontroller field too. But gere is the thing I know that there is an ADC chip in my microcontroller but I noticed that the current will vary depending on the moisture not the voltage... so I want a gelp of anybody who can tell me how to read the current variation on my PIC ... Thank You! And sorry for my English.
2018-10-27 07:28:54 Jose, I know it has been a while since this post would you mind looking at my circuit to trouble shoot?
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2014-02-24 15:29:41 Can you send a picture and explain how you got it wired up? userHeadPic Jose
2014-02-22 17:00:01 Thanks Jose for your reply ...

The ADC is 5v compatible yes ... but itried to read the voltage level using an oscilloscope amd a digital multimeter and I didn't get anything but I was sure that the sensor was on ... and I tried to put it in sand, wet plants , and cool water and nothong changed
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2014-02-20 14:50:57 Welcome Hamzahng,

I've used PIC16F876 briefly a while ago, but I barely remember. I'd like to try it again but I don't have any PIC nearby for now.

I think if you just read the voltage level it should be alright. Is the ADC 5v compatible?

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