How to check GPRS connectivity?

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Hi all,

I connect to internet using GPRS, but some times GSM signal goes out or network error occur, How to check GPRS connectivity?
And how to check if the GPS/GPRS/GSM Module V3.0  is still in the coverage area?

I use "AT+CREG?" to check if the module still registered to the network if I didn't get "+CREG: 0,1" I repeat the sending "AT+CREG?" until to get "+CREG: 0,1" and the reconnect to GPRS using these AT Commands:

but when I reach to this command:

I get "+CME ERROR: 3" which mean "Operation not allowed"

so is there any way to check if I still connected or not?

many thanks :)

2014-04-01 17:37:17 Wahmalik,

Perhaps as you suspected an antenna would help. But I think it would be a good idea to grab the laptop and see what it says.
If there are many bumps on the road, or the hardware setup is not held static, another idea would be to use some tape on the antenna connector.

Adding a secondary function on your module for debugging signal problems would be a good idea. Do you have some button or other module that you can use to trigger this function? I often use a LCD to output data to avoid using Serial port when I need to test something on the move.

Have you checked with other device just in case that signal works under the same operator? Circumstances are not always the same, but might perhaps give you some ideas if a smartphone lose connectivity or switches band on different areas.
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2014-04-01 16:23:07 Thank you Jose for your replaying.

I can connect to GPRS successfully in my office, but when I go out by car to different locations, some locations the signal goes out and it is stop sending data.
So I need sometimes to reconnect automatically without resetting the module.

best wishes;
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2014-03-31 13:08:02 Hello Wahmalik,

thanks for bump the topic, I didn't see it before.

I use a combination of this commands:


And something else i can't recall right now. But those should suffice. Just check the datasheet for more commands if you need.

As for GPRS connectivity, you can use the test example in the tester tool. For example, add it in a function on your sketch and attach it to a button, if pressed, test for connectivity.
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2014-03-30 14:28:05 no answer :(

I have problem of losing GSM/GPRS connection, is there any suggestions to solve this problem?
How I can to reconnect again?
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