X-Board V2 + serial to ESP8266 Not Working

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X-Board V2 ... kGZb78ppK8

WiFi Serial Transceiver Module Breakout Board w/ ESP8266 ... p8266.html

I used pins 0-(Rx) and 1-(Tx) on Arduino Uno at bautrate (9600) with 100% success, BUT

If i use X-Board V2 with same sketch (no changes) on pins RX and TX at bautrate (9600) then it fails to work.

What am i doing wrong or what could be cause of failure?

Hope anyone can help me.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser
2015-11-12 11:21:08 Would you mind show me a photo about you wiring? userHeadPic Leff
2015-11-11 20:27:34 Good Day

I have no problem loading sketch to X-Board v2 (Atmel 328), my problem is that ESP8266 Wifi module does not want to communicate to X-Board v2 as it does to Arduino UNO.

I use RX and TX on X-Board V2 and 0 - RX and 1 - TX on Arduino UNO on UNO it works, but on X-Board V2 not.

I am using following on both:


What could be issue with Serial on X-Board V2?

Thank You

Albertus Geyser
userHeadPic albertusgeyser
2015-11-11 10:19:55 Hello Albertus,


I think it should be no problm with the same sketch used on Uno if you have uploaded the sketch to the 328P chip successfully!

can you upload a simple sketch to light up a led?

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