Looking for example sketch for SD operation for DFRobot W550

userHead dyrex 2015-11-21 17:11:51 1380 Views1 Replies
I'm looking for sketch examples how to use SD card in DFRobot DFR0342 (

I tried to use example (e.g CardInfo) from Arduino IDE but it does not work. I've got
"Initializing SD card...initialization failed."

I thing that maybe examples use improper port for SPI - example use (at least in comment is such info)
MOSI - pin 11 , MISO - pin 12 ,vCLK - pin 13 but there is no information how to change it or maybe it change automaticly when proper Arduino board is selected ?

2015-11-23 15:41:35 hi Michal,


I also want to use the SD module on W5200 shield~ How is it going? Did it solved so far?
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