Help in using Mega Sensor Shield V2.4 with Arduino Mega 2560

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Hey Guys,

I am currently working on a project where I have to take data from 25 sensors at certain frequency and log this data for around 3 months into a SD card.

I am inclined towards using Arduino Mega 2560 R3 with Mega Sensor Shield V2.4 so that I can store data into SD card attached to Shield. But since I haven`t used this before so I don`t know if this is a good option or not. If not then what can be good for me?

And if it is a good option then how can I use this such that my sensors ( soil moisture and Relative humidity) will not have any problems interfacing with them ?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanking You :)
2016-01-05 16:52:49 It should be ok to stay in general soils for 3 months, but we do met some uses who put it into very moist earth so that it became orrosiced within a month. userHeadPic Leff
2015-12-23 00:42:55 Hi Leff,

Thanks for your reply!

I just wanted to ask you if I am using "dfrobot SEN0114 Moisture Sensor" (whose nickel electrodes are gold immersed) to give me soil moisture value after every half an hour or 48 times a day continuously for 3 months then would its durability be still less than 3 months?

Thanking You
Akhil :D
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2015-12-09 12:30:30 Hello there,


Arduino Mega 2560 R3 + Mega Sensor Shield V2.4 is a good choice.

I am not sure about which soil moisture and Relative humidity sensor you are going to choose? But as long as they are 5V digital/ analog/ SPI / IIC type, they are all compatible.

By the way, little note to the soil moisture sensor, it might be oxide etched in the soil that could not last for 3 months, the time span is depended to the soil condition.

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