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Guide to configuring as a HID keyboard

userHead graham 2019-03-28 00:32:43 2911 Views0 Replies
So, from my previous topic; viewtopic.php?f=18&t=16539 it seems the bluno firmware is just not compatible with OSX's CoreBluetooth implementation. Why, I don't know (if DFRobot can opensource the firmware, that would be great and I could fix it)

Other devices work fine (eg. BBC micro:bit) so the bug is with the bluno firmware.

My fallback plan was to create a HID device, as that DOES work.
After a few days of headaches, this process is how to make it work. This solves various problems like when arduino will no longer update sketches when in HID mode.

// How to setup Bluno
// Reset so we can flash
// - Connect with serial
// +++<no line endings> to go into AT mode
// Re-power to reboot BLE (AT+RESTART doesnt always seem to work)
// Upload sketch (should upload and immediate start printing out AT+KEY=0)
// Configure for HID
// +++<no line endings>
// AT+NAME=SpraycanX
// AT+UART=115200 // make sure this matches the baud rate for Serial.begin()
// AT+USBDEBUG=ON // optional
// Re-power, connect with bluetooth (should pair first time) and button should work as Key

I'll tart up this post at some point, but it's a reference before I lose it.
With this method I have finally made 6 bluno's talk to my OSX corebluetooth code!