MIND+ (v1.56) Serial Window Line Termination Options

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When the Serial Window is opened up and line termination options are selected to be CR, LF, or CR+LF they do not get set permanently. They revert to the default of NO Line Termination every time.


When Send is pressed:
If NO LINE TERMINATION is selected --> it sends out a a termination code depending on what was selected the last time SEND was pressed.
2019-08-05 14:44:47 Thanks for your report, we have recorded that problem. We will make it right soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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2019-08-04 02:22:21 Code below is what I used. It'll display the Serial Data back to the Serial Window to demonstrate the issue.
Simply select a Line Termination option, eg: LINE FEED and SEND a character, eg:A.
ASCII 65 followed by 10 will be sent.
Then select NO LINE TERMINATION and SEND again.
Previous terminators will be sent out again, instead of NONE.
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#include <Microbit_Matrix.h>

double mind_n_df_SerData;

void setup() {
	Serial.println("PORT Ready @ 115200...");

void loop() {
	while (!(Serial.available())) {
	mind_n_df_SerData = Serial.read();

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2019-08-02 10:20:45 Hi, thanks for your feedback, your first question will be solved in the next version 1.5.7 soon. For your second problem, we have tested it, and it works fine. Maybe could you provide us with more details, such as your project files and a full description about the issue.

Thanks again!
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