Can motor driver destroy my microcontroller?

userHead jerameeldelosreyes 2019-08-09 10:59:53 3984 Views1 Replies
I have this setup

2x7A DC Motor Driver
Bluno beetle + bluno beetle shield
3x 18650 for the motor driver ( One battery is connected to bluno beetle for supply)
Black Gladiator-Tracked Chassis

Everything works fine, i can control the robot with bluetooth, but after a few days of using, some issues started to appear.

Whenever i power on the robot, the right track wheel will start to run for about 3 seconds then stop, and everything will work just fine after.

One day, the bluetooth just stopped working ( i cant detect it anymore), itried plugging to PC but it is still not detected even in BOOT mode.

I have TWO robots with this same setup, and the other one also started to show the issues. now, both the controllers are DEAD.

I was wondering if is is just an issue with BLUNO BEETLE or an issue with the MOTOR DRIVER? Im planning to buy new microcontrollers maybe LEONARDO but im afraid that it might also get destroyed.